We include travel insurance with our Mixed School Group Work Experience and Tailor Made Packages for Schools to ensure that we are confident you have sufficient cover. It is also included as standard for Work and Study packages and Internships. This is particularly important for trips as this policy covers voluntary work placements (many ‘off the shelf’ travel policies would exempt work of any kind). If you would like to use your own travel policy when travelling and would like to remove this cover from your policy, please inform us at the time of booking. No reduction in the price of your trip will be made for removing cover as cover is included ‘free of charge’. 

Where individual trips are booked to language school or to host family stays (with no work element) you have the option to request insurance to be added to your trip. Blue Stamp Travel can provide this for you with our Insurance Provider MPI Brokers but you should satisfy yourself that the policy provides sufficient cover to suit your needs. We are not financial advisers and do not offer advice on insurance policies other than the policy we provide.

A policy is taken for each traveller at the time of the first deposit to ensure that cover is in place to protect your deposit. Any claims should be made within 28 days of return from your travel.

Although it is not essential, it may help your claim to inform us if you intend to make a claim on your policy as the insurer may require extra documentation from us. In such instances we will endeavour to support your claim to the best of our ability or offer advice accordingly.

If you would like specific information about our Insurance cover please do not hesitate to Contact MPI.

Covid 19 

MPI  provide emergency medical cover if a person were to contract the virus whilst overseas – if the FCDO do not warn against travel to that destination (cover would be in place if the policy and trip was booked (with the deposit paid) prior to the warning).  This provides cover for hospital costs, ambulance costs, extra accommodation costs (B&B) if travellers miss their return journey and repatriation if medically necessary.

FCDO warnings

Unlike the majority of insurances, MPI still provide cover for those travelling against an FCDO warning not to travel to a particular country, however there would be no cover for anything relating to the reason for the warning. For example, if travelling to a country was against FCDO advice due to a pandemic, there would be no cover for anything related to this, but other claims such as a medical claim for a fall would be covered.



Cover is provided by MPI  Travel and Wintersport Insurers.

Details of the policy wording or a summary of cover are availble. Alternatively, you may find the Insurance Product Information Document useful.

A Medical Screening Document is provided paricularly for travellers with pre-exisitng conditions to allow you to check your cover. 

We recommned that you satisfy yourself that the insurance provided with your travel meets your requirements and encourage students to use the UK Goverment advice on foreign travel insurance.

Public Liability Insurance


£10m of  Public Liability Insurance cover is provided by Camberford Law PLC